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.... and so, since we've had the art site up we're thinking we're all like freaking famous or something ... HaH! Angelo, Da Vinci, Van Gough, Picasso - step aside for UsLot Inc! ... HUH? What do you mean this thing is on? ... tap tap tap
AHEM [ huge explosion of embarrasment behind the coughing ]

Lover, whanau, and friends,

If you can get past the ghastly advertisements up the top there, I'd like to be the one to welcome you to the first site of Art Odyssey! Our journey of mass colour - exploration of our multiple selves relating to the past from our individualistic perspectives ...

Our creations are drawn from a deep desire to express a hidden or not, event from our past. Some drawings are related to our past, some are drawn from a deep connection with our own emotional power, some are drawn with a terrorised need to break free from the bindings that hold us so stead fast.

I made this site to display our drawings. Its nothing flash or spectacular - its a space where we can put ourselves out there in a safe way - publicly.

Our work is photographed using our webcam in bad light - you won't find works of marvel in this site!

We use mainly A3 sized paper, cheap drawing pencils and crayon. We'd like to paint our emotions in the future.

Its taken some courage to share our form of art. It is hoped that people who take the time to view our site will feel more connected to Deb and others within the realm of UsLot Inc.

I expect that some of our art you will find disturbing. I hope that you will realise just how special we actually are for having survived what we have, and to associate those good feelings with knowing us.

Feed back welcomed.

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